Cinéma des Guides, Breuil-Cervinia

Stories of never-ending climbs

This year, the Giro d’Italia competition has made a stop at 2000 metres altitude in Breuil-Cervinia. There is a particular spot at the bottom of the Cervino mountain that has always presented a great challenge for cyclists who must battle through a tough climb that demands resistance and willpower.
Claudio “El Diablo” Chiappucci, Ivan “The Terrible” Basso and Stefa- no Allocchio tell us about ‘their’ mountain through anecdotes and memories of some of the race’s toughest territory, which presents arduous challenges for resistance cyclists and fiery downhill descents for the racers. A mountain that shares its heart and soul both with the climbing and the cycling worlds.

Ivan Basso

Ivan, known as ‘the terribile’, is considered one of the best stage racers of the 2000s. His cycling career lasted from 1999 to 2015, he won two Giro d’Italia races and came in among the first three twice in the Tour de France. In June 2011 he published his autobiography ‘In salita controvento’ in collaboration with Francesca Caielli.

Claudio Chiappucci

He is known for his extraordinary qualities: he is a professional climber and cyclist who employs daring and unpredictable strategies that allowed him to win at the Milano-Sanremo ’91 after an amazing lone run. He has obtained two second places at the Giro d’Italia and at the Tour de France and he has also won the silver medal at the 1994 Olympics.

Stefano Allocchio

He is an Italian ex-cyclist and track racer. His career lasted from 1985 to 1993. He has won four different stages at the Giro d’Italia, two national prizes and two bronze medals in the world ranking competition. He is deputy director of Corsa RCS Sport and at the Giro di Lombardia, Giro d’Italia, and the Milano-Sanremo race.