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Concert-tribute to Ermanno Olmi

con Manu Delago Ensemble
Manu Delago – handpans / Christoph Pepe Auer – clarinets, saxophone / Claudia Norz – violin / Chris Norz – percussions introduce /introduces Enrico Montrosset

Ermanno Olmi was a sincere, shy and curious man who had a strong affinity with the (then) rural folk of Italy, the people who he made protagonists of his films. Olmi developed his own idea about cinema through the years: he had a strikingly original cinematic style and was a real poet of images. He was a mountain lover who was fascinated by the people of the Alps. This deep bond with nature was the main theme of his masterpiece ‘Il Tempo si è Fermato’ released in 1959: an extraordinary tale of the relationship between humankind and nature made with the help of non-professional actors and the use of direct sound. A few months after his disappearance, Cervino Cinemountain is delighted to honour this incredible artist of images with a concert conducted by Manu Delago, a world famous composer. This tribute is also an encounter between two artists and generations who share a great love for mountains.

Ermanno Olmi

Ermanno Olmi (Bergamo 1931 – Asiago 2018) was one of Italy’s most important directors. Among his many works are ‘Il Posto’ 1961. (awarded the critics’ prize at Venice), ‘L’Albero degli Zoccoli’ (the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1978) ‘Lunga vita alla signora’ (awarded the Leone d’Argento prize at Venice) and ‘La Leggenda del Santo Bevitore’ that won the Leone d’Oro at Venice, where he also received a career award. In 2012 he won the Grand Prix from the International Alliance for Mountain Film, an association that coordinates some of the world’s most important mountain film festivals (Cervino Cinemountain is one of the founding members).

Manu Delago

Manu Delago is an Austrian musician and composer. He graduated in classical percussion from Innsbruck University, in his hometown. He then moved to London to study drum and jazz composition. He is one of the world’s greatest Hang players (a musical instrument invented in Switzerland in 2000). His solo piece ‘ Mono Desire’ has become the most popular Hang video on YouTube with over 3 million views. Manu Delago has recorded several albums and has performed in important cities all over the world, collaborating with Björk, Shpongle, Bugge Wesseltoft, Didier Lockwood and performing as solo musician with the London Symphony Orchestra.