Centro Congressi, Valtournenche

Conversation between mountain peaks and waves

with Giovanni Soldini e Hervé Barmasse
hostess by Luca Castaldini (Gazzetta dello Sport)

Two adventurous men live a never-ending challenge against the unknown and the risks of nature.
Two different kind of journey are told: a horizontal one through oceans and seas and a vertical roaming across walls of ice and stones. Giovanni Soldini is one of the greatest sailors of all time while Hervé Barmasse is one of the most talented mountaineers in the world. Together, they constitute two opposite but contemporary versions of the myth of Ulysses: Why are these men constantly looking for new ventures? What makes their two different worlds so similar? What are the challenges that 21st century people still need to face?

Giovanni Soldini

Giovanni Soldini was born in Milan on May 16, 1996 and he started sailing as a child. He has over 25 oceanic regattas to his credits among which two solo world tours (the Around Alone that he won in 1999 and the Boc Challenge in 1995), six Québec-Saint Malo, six Ostar, three Transat Jacques Vabre and over 40 transoceanic regattas . He set wor- ld records such as the ones of the Cadice-San Salvador (2012), of New York-San Francisco Gold Route (2013) and The Tea Route in 2015 on the San Francisco-Shanghai stretch. On February 23 in 2018 he completed the Hong-Kong – London route in 36 days, 2 hours , 37 minutes and 2 seconds.

Hervé Barmasse

Hervé Barmasse is a mountaineer and mountain film director (“Non così lontano”, “Linea continua”), as well as a mountain guide of the Mat- terhorn for four generations. His name is linked to major ascents around the world, from the Alps to Patagonia, from China to Pakistan. Hervé has left his marks incisively on his home mountain, the Matterhorn, from opening new paths to first winter ascents and first solos, and has become the mountaineer with the most exploits. Recently he was the protagonist of an extraordinary ascent in the Himalayas, climbing the South Face of Shisha Pangma (8027 m) in alpine style in just 13 hours. “La montagna dentro” (The mountain inside) published by Laterza, is his first literary work (May 2015), a book in which the climber comes after the man who also faces extraordinary feats.