Cinéma des Guides, Breuil-Cervinia

postcards from the toughest trail in the world

with Luca Albrisi, Claudine Bosio, Franco Collé, Fulvio Jeantet, Alessandra Nicoletti e Oscar Perez
hosted  by Enrico Martinet (La Stampa)

Tor des Géants® is a sensational race over the highest peaks and back down to the bottom of the greatest mountains of Aosta Valley. It is a competition driven by emotion and grit and is an experience that guarantees extraordinary and enduring memories.
Tor isn’t just about sport; it is an opportunity to to show respect for nature and solidarity towards fellow competitors.
The success of the Tor des Géants is due in great part to the incredible work and commitment of the volunteers who are busy helping out all along the race route.
People, mountains and institutions work together as international ambassadors in showcasing the extraordinary natural beauty of our Valley.


Franco Collé

Franco Collé was a footballer a ski instructor, mountaineer and now he is a professional ultra trailer. He started participate in competitions of endurance in 2011at the Oasi Zegna with the equipment that he bought the day before. The next year his sister entered him to the Tor des Géants. In 2013 he finished the tour at the third place and won in 2014.


Oscar Perez

Oscar Perez won the Tor in 2012 and placed second both in 2013 and in 2016. He is one of the most beloved ultra runner in Aosta Valley due to his gesture back in 2012 when he decided to give his trophy to a seventy- year old volunteer that helped him during the exhaustive path.


Alessandra Nicoletti

Alessandra Nicoletti is the president of VDA Trailers. She organized several running competitions : the historical Gran Trail Valdigne, the first competition of Italy over 100 km long, The Winter Eco Trail by night, the Gran Trail Courmayeur and especially the Tor des Géants, the most difficult endurance trail of the world.


Luca Albrisi

Luca Albrisi is a snowboarder, writer and director constantly looking for new emotions to live in the nature and outdoors. He directed, together with Alfredo Croce, Panta Rei – Flowing Through Tor des Géants, a metaphysical documentary on the legendary trail of the Valley.


Claudine Bosio

sicoanalista e regista francese.Claudine Bosio is a psychoanalyst and French director. Her films have an intimate and poetic dimension and have been influenced by Andrei Tarkovski, Alexander Sokourov and Michelangelo Antonioni. Her documentary ‘Au pays de Marie’ tells the point of view of common people on the Tor.


Fulvio Jeantet

Fulvio Jeantet is a trailer who participated at several editions of the Tor. His redemption history from addiction has been narrated by Marcello Vai in his film ‘Furia’ that won the Cervinio Cinemountain Premio del Pubblico in 2017.