Valtournenche Piazzetta delle Guide


A/V performance dedicata al cinema di Kurt Diemberger
Visuals di Filippo Maria Pontiggia – Musica di Indie Generator Groove

From the great crest of Peutérey to the top of K2: we o er a look through Kurt’s precious trove of films: rivers of footage filled with luminous images, meticulously shot by the climber on his Bolex-Paillard 16mm from some of the greatest mountains on earth. Pieces from Kurt’s immense Alpine archive will illuminate the Piazzetta delle Guide di Valtournenche accompanied by a nostalgia-filled musical selection curated by Indie Generator Groove.

Breuil-Cervinia Via Carrel

NANOOK (19)22-(20)22

in collaborazione con FRONTDOC

A/V performance a cura di SYCOID

“Nanook of the North” by the great Irish American director Robert Flaherty. This film is widely considered to be the rst true creative documentary in the history of film. 100 years after its release, Cervino CineMountain wishes to pay tribute to this milestone of the genre with a multimedia performance that will (re) connect Flaherty’s spectacular images of arctic life with contemporary audio-visual experimentation.