Monica Brenga

Monica graduated with a degree in architecture and over the last 20 years she has dedicated her working life to protected areas. Naturally creative and passionate about art, graphic design and il- lustration, Monica was elected as member to CAI’s advisory body ‘Centro di Cinematografia e Cinete- ca’(CCC).Together with the director Nicoletta Fava- ron she has completed two films,“Oltre l’Orizzonte” and “Sentiero Italia”.

Pietro Crivellaro

Pietro is a mountaineering historian and journalist, ex-director of the Centro Studi del Teatro Stabile of Turin, an academic with Club Alpino Italiano, and a mountain climber and writer. In his book “Battaglia del Cervino, la vera storia della conquista” (Laterza) he explores the behind-the-scenes politics of this daring tour de force. He has translated and curated many classics of the mountaineering genre and his most recent work as author, “Quintino Sella, lo stati- sta con gli scarponi. L’invenzione del CAI” has just been published.

Pietro Giglio

Pietro is a mountain guide, a mountain rescue te- chnician and an instructor of mountaineering and ski mountaineering. He has acted as ex-president of Aosta Valley’s Union of High-Altitude Mountain Guides and is currently president of the National College of Italian Mountain Guides. Pietro is also a professional journalist and has worked with various national newspapers. He is a director and camera- man who specialises in providing support to televi- sion and film crews operating in mountain terrain.
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