Darren McCullough and Darcy Wittenburg (Canada, 2021, 9')
Official Selection - Banff Film Festival, Canada
Official Selection - Wasatch Mountain Film Festival (United States)

Mountain bike rail riders and their dogs in search of freedom. Set in Canada and South Africa, A Dog’s Tale follows a group of trail dogs and the happiness they feel as they run through the woods to their heart’s content, close on the wheels of their trail rider owners. There is a primal instinct in the pleasure the dogs feel with the forest floor beneath their paws, free to sniff a thousand exciting smells.

Darren McCullough e Darcy Wittenburg, are founding members of “Anthill Films” and for the past 18 years they have worked together on hundreds of shorts and commercials. They have completed 12 full length films, among which unReal, the highest grossing film on cycling.

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