Grand Prix


di Henna Taylor (Stati Uniti, 2021, 86’)
Grand Prix / BKK Mendi Film Bilbao Biskaia
Grand Prix - International Mountain Film Festival in Teplice nad Metují
Genziana d’Oro CAI - Trento Film Festival

The path of recovery and acceptance of the disability of a young rock climber. Quinn Brett is a north-american athlete that experienced a traumatic accident at the peak of her career. The documentary shows the complexity of a profound physical transformation, trying to go beyond stereotypes and prejudices. 

Henna Taylor is a self-taught filmmaker who has written, filmed and directed highly successful documentaries in the field of mountain cinema in the last ten years. “A Thousand Ways To Kiss The Ground” won the CAI Award at the Cervino CineMountain 2021. His works deal with delicate themes and human dramas with delicacy and empathy.

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