Grand Prix


di Aldo Gugolz (Svizzera, 2020, 82’)
GRAND PRIX TRENTO FILM FESTIVAL 2021 Most innovative national feature film, Visions du Réel

Fabiano is tormented by nightmares. He is in debt, the alpine hut that he rents for the summer is dilapidated, and the goats cheese business is no longer profitable. His thoughts wander back to a fatal accident that occur- red the previous year to a Macedonian undocumented worker.The death of this man is haunting him, because he feels that he is in some part re- sponsible for it.

Born in Lucerne in 1963, Aldo Gugolz attended the “Hochschule für Fern- sehen und Film” school of Munich from 1986 to 1992. Since then he has wor- ked as a filmmaker in Germany and Switzerland. He has directed several documentaries for television and cinema such as “Zeit im Fluss” (1997),“Le- ben ausser Atem” (2001), “Wir Zwei” (2009) and “Rue de Blamage” (2017) which was nominated for the Prix de Soleure.

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