Concorso Internazionale / international competition

DAY DREAM - Searching for the inner peak

di Alessandro d'Emilia e Katia Bernardi (Italia, 2023, 25’)
Selezione ufficiale / Trento Film Festival
Selezione ufficiale / Nuovi Mondi Film Festival

A trip to Nepal that invites slowness and respect for the Earth. Fausto De Stefani, the second Italian to climb the 14 eight-thousanders, and Simone Salvagnin, an extraordinary visually impaired athlete, are two alpinists with very different histories and ages but with a common interest: that of research, discovery, slow walking, meeting and relating with others, and love for the mountains. A journey in Nepal that invites to slowness and respect for the Earth.

Alessandro d’Emilia is a photographer and videomaker specializing in outdoor and adventure productions, often in remote areas of the world that few have access to. He is the Founder of the A.d.v. productions and the Mountain Film Crew.



Katia Bernardi graduated from Dams in Bologna with a degree in film history. In 2004 she founded the production company KR Movie in Trento, Italy, until 2015 when she opened her sole proprietorship Chocolat. Her films as a director include "Inedita" (2021) and "Funne - le ragazze che sognavano il mare" (2016).

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