di Cameron Thuman (Canada, 2022, 8’)
Selezione Ufficiale / AmDocs, Palm Spring
Selezione Ufficiale / Krakow Mountain Film Festival

Skiing and the mountains as tools to overcome mourning. Nestled deep within the secluded backcountry of British Columbia, the Gostlin family finds solace in the spirit of the mountains and culture of powder skiing, after an unexpected emotional undertaking changes the family forever. “Dreaming of a Better Place” co-stars Canadian top skier Mark Abma with a sensational soundtrack by Liam Mour, recorded in Berlin’s Funkhaus Cathedral in partnership with Sony Music Europe.

Cameron Thuman is a 24-year-old Park-city-raised, Los Angeles-based director. His narrative stories are the intersection of action and heart. Influenced by his time as a competitive freestyle skier, his work today echoes vibrant styling fueled by drama and character-driven emotion.

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