Concorso Internazionale / international competition

FOOTSTEPS - Journey of a Song

di Johannes Aitzetmüller (Austria/ Italia, 2022, 18’)
Anteprima Italiana / Italian Premiere
Selezione Ufficiale / Dock of the Bay - Festival del Documentario musicale di San Sebastian
Selezione Ufficiale / FilmFest St. Anton

The new film with Manu Delago, protagonist of "Parasol Peak", winner of the Cervino CineMountain 2018. The Grammy nominated musician and composer Manu Delago takes a look back on his Tyrolean origins, his international career and his love for the mountains. In the film, accompanied by the British singer Isobel Cope, Manu pursues a new dream to unite his passions in a single performance.

Johannes Aitzetmüller (Austria, 1987) is an Austrian based film producer, filmmaker, DOP and director. He is a specialist in outdoor, (extreme) sports, music, adventure and expedition filming and producing. His film “The White Maze“ (2016) won more than twelve high rated film festivals around the globe.

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