Grand Prix


Polly Guentcheva (Bulgaria, 2021, 105’)
Golden Gentian for Best Film on Exploration or Adventure – Trento FF

A compelling story about the indomitable human spirit and the will to live. Just a month after being hit by a car, the mountaineer and zoologist Boyan Petrov begins the lengthy preparations in pursuit of his dream: completing the climb of all fourteen eight thousanders without the use of supplementary oxygen. A three-time cancer survivor, he has climbed 10 of the 14 peaks, and now his sights are set on the giant of the world: Everest. But an unexpected twist of fate leads to his disappearance a few meters from the summit, activating an unprecedented international rescue mission.


Polly Guentcheva, is a Bulgarian director and producer who studied film and television direction at the New Bulgarian University. She went on to found Tara Tree Pictures Ltd and co-produced The Judgment, one of the greatest successes of Bulgarian cinema.

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