Grand Prix


Francesco Catarinolo (Italy/Denmark, 2021, 81’)
GRAND PRIX - Graz International Mountain & Adventure Film Festival (Austria)
The Golden Walther & UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites Prize - Bolzano Film Festival

Robert Peroni's greatest challenge in the land of the Inuit. Thirty years ago, the former South Tyrolean explorer gave up everything to move to eastern Greenland. There he found a native population that seemed doomed to extinction and he decided to set up "The Red House", a refuge that finds work for locals who have nothing left, in the belief that "the future of this place belongs to the young and to those who refuse to leave”: a story of an uncertain future in a pandemic present.



Francesco Catarinolo graduated from DAMS and holds a diploma in Creative Writing from the Scuola Holden. After various experiences in the world of advertising and television, he founded Studio Pandora, a production and post-production company specializing in live action and 3D animation.


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