di Bertrand Delapierre (Francia, 2023, 42’)
Anteprima Mondiale / World Premiere

A great feat by Nathan Paulin, the famous slackliner, guest of CineMountain 2021. Despite the apparent ease with which he walks on a 2 cm wide webbing, Nathan Paulin always needs to face new challenges. For more than a year, the camera follows his preparation for what will be, if successful, his longest line: 2200 meters to connect Mont Saint-Michel.

Bertrand Delapierre is a mountaineer and filmmaker. Marco Siffredi's climbing partner in the Alps and in the Himalayas, he made a documentary on the life and death of the great French snowboarder and mountaineer, “L'étoile filante”. His films, dedicated to mountain sports, have won prestigious awards.

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