Concorso Internazionale / international competition


di Natacha Rottier (Francia, 2020, 25’)
Official Selection – Winter Film Festival, Bourg-Saint-Maurice

The same ascent.Unchanged protagonists.Ten years later. What happens when personal memory collides with collective reminiscences that certain places convey.They had said they would meet in ten years.What was born during this ascent of Gran Paradiso? What is left of it?

Natacha Rottier (Bourg-Saint-Maurice, 1990) is an artist and director who spent her formative years in Paris and at Annecy’s School of Art. She worked as assistant to the Californian artist-designer Jay Nelson and she took part in Andrea Zittel’s “Wagon Station Encampment” at Joshua Tree. Beyond her artistic endeavours she is a snowboarding instructor.

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