Concorso Internazionale / international competition


di Benoît Regord (Francia, 2020, 26’)
Jury Award - MENDI film festival, Bilbao Official Selection - Krakow Mountain Film Festival

Antoine Le Menestrel has proven to be one of the most outstanding clim- bers of his generation. In the 80s he broke through the ceiling of the eighth grade to open such legendary climbs as “Rêve de papillon” and “La Rose et Le Vampire”; he has embodied the values of free climbing with his ethical approach, clean style and purity of movement.

35 years later he has stood by the vision and dreams of his youth to the extent that he chose to step back from competitive climbing in favour of immersing himself in artistic performance.

Professional filmmaker for over 20 years, Benoît Regord produces films in various fields, institutional, advertising, sports and fiction. Here he signs off on his debut documentary of great personal value for him,“L’Escalade Li- bérée”, which stems from his passion for climbing, and from a meeting with Antoine le Menestrel.

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