Concorso Internazionale / international competition


di Arun Bhattarai (Bhutan, 2022, 22')
Selezione Ufficiale / IDFA, Amsterdam
Selezione Ufficiale / Doc Edge Festival, Nuova Zelanda

Phuntsho Tshering iis the only glaciologist in Bhutan. Every year he travels for days on foot to the remotest corners of the Bhutanese Himalayas measuring the glaciers as they rapidly melt because of climate change. Yangchen his 11 year old daughter has seen him disappear for months every year, since the time she can remember. As Phuntsho negotiates the difficult terrain what gives him escape is sharing his story with his daughter through videos he makes for her on his phone.

Arun Bhattarai is a freelance film director and producer. He premiered in Italy his first feature-length documentary “The next Guardian” at Cervino CineMountain in 2018. He established his own production company - Sound Pictures - dedicated to creative documentaries. He is one of the few independent documentary filmmakers in Bhutan.

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