Concorso Internazionale / international competition


di Luana Giardino (Italia, 2022, 7’)
Selezione Ufficiale / FilmMaker Festival, Milano
Selezione Ufficiale / CinemAmbiente, Torino

The memory of a landscape, through a silent performance. Mount Magnodeno (1241 m) is located in the province of Lecco. In the heart of this mountain, one of the most intense excavation activities has been carried out for the past century, with no less than three active quarries. Through a silent performance, the director tries to accentuate the critical issues that the extraction sites have in the area.

Luana Giardino (Italy, 1988) graduated in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and has followed various academic paths in the cinematographic field. He has directed other short films, including "O Fantasma" (2020), "Frédéric" (2015) and "L'immobile" (2015).

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