di Gabriel Hénot Lefèvre (Francia, 2022, 14m)
Menzione Speciale della Giuria / Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival
Miglior Cortometraggio d’animazione / Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

In a sanatorium by the sea, an old man finds his life transfigured by the arrival of a seagull, that he delicately tames. When the seagull gets wounded, the man takes care of her, and for a brief moment, he returns to boyhood again.

Gabriel Hénot-Lefèvre, after working in children’s books and studying at Supinfocom, went on to specialize in animation, mise en scène and motion design. Through the animation authors union "AGrAF", he discovered the world of screenwriting, and has since developed a host of projects for animated series, short films and feature films.

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