Concorso Internazionale / international competition


di Nicolò Bongiorno (Italia, 2021, 100’)
Muse Videonatura Award – Trento Film Festival 2021 Special Mention of the Jury – Festival Internazionale Visioni dal Mondo, Milan

Ladakh is a region of the Indian Himalayas currently undergoing a pro- cess of profound transformation and cultural regeneration. This is a land caught between a traditional inclination towards the arcane or the mysti- cal and rampant progress that threatens the environment and alienates its own inhabitants. Brave and visionary thinkers are trying to reslove this polarisation by offering an admirable form of mediation between the two: how to preserve their identity without turning their back on the world, how to find value in the drive towards modernity while protecting anthropological integrity.

Nicolò Bongiorno was born in Milan in 1976, he is a creative producer and director. He specialises in directing films of personal import, such as Viaggio Verso Casa with Tonino Guerra and “Rol – un Mondo dietro al Mondo. His work centres on thoughtful pieces that examine both nature and human endeavour in exploration such as his award-winning trilogy 3 Human Ad- ventures.

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