Gerald Salmina (Austria, 2015, 98')

Only those armed with perfect technique and enormous courage can take on the Streif. For over 75 years the free descent of Kitzbühel (Austria) has been a backdrop for unforgettable victories and heart-breaking tragedies and its history is rich in myths and legends. There is no other place where skiing is celebrated with such intensity. The latest generation of film techniques allow us a breath-taking view of athletes’ performances and insight into the stress that they must physically endure during a race where slopes can be at 85% gradient and speeds can reach up to 142 km/h.

Gerald Salmina, is a retired athlete who has channelled his passion for nature and for humans who can surpass their limits, into his films. His work has won prizes all over the world from the Romy Award for best documentary for “Streif - One Hell Of A Ride” to the Grand Prix at Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival for “Mount St. Elias”.

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