Grand Prix


di Afsaneh Salari (Iran, 2020, 79’)
GRAND PRIX KATHMANDU FILM FESTIVAL (Nepal) Special Mention of the Jury – Visions du Réel, Nyon ANTEPRIMA ITALIANA

At the height of the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1982, 1.5 million Af- ghans travelled a great distance to the border of Iran to flee war. Taghi, born after that generation, is unwilling to inherit the limitations of his parents’ refugee status there.The boy begins to trace his roots in his forgotten home- land and perhaps find the doors to his future.

Afsaneh Salari is an Iranian director, producer and editor, living between ParisandTeheran.Shestudieddocumentarymaking andattendedcour- ses at Femis, Berlinale Talents and IDFA Academy.
“The Forbidden Strings” is the first feature documentary she produced with an Afghan filmmaker and it premiered at IDFA 2019.

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