Grand Prix


di Eliza Kubarska (Polonia, 2020, 94’)
GRAND PRIX ULJU FILM FESTIVAL (South Korea) Audience Award – Millenium Docs Against Gravity

A Sherpa family are asked to accompany a western expedition of climbers over the East Wall of the Khumbakarna Mountain in Nepal, a wall that has never been climbed before.They find themselves in a dilemma: in their local religion the peak is sacred and should not be climbed.The mother does not want them to go, but she finally gives in and accompanies the three foreigners up the mountain in the hope of realising her dream of sending her son to medical school.

Eliza Kubarska is a filmmaker, producer and alpinist from Poland. She has directed short films, fiction films and documentaries, several of which have been screened and awarded at national and international festivals. Eliza is passionate about mountains and travelling, she has accompanied and filmed exploration expeditions in Greenland, Pakistan, Mexico, Borneo and Vietnam.

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