Concorso Internazionale / international competition


di Nomin Lkhagvasuren (Mongolia, 2020, 52’)
Best Mid-Length Documentary Award - IDFA Amsterdam Official Selection - Krakow Film Festival | ANTEPRIMA ITALIANA

What causes the descendants of invincible horseback warriors of Mongo- lia to end their lives? Suicide survivors and family members of those who have taken their lives relate their circumstances, far removed from the free- doms of traditional nomadic life.Throughout Mongolia suicide is regarded as taboo, but everywhere the reasons given for suicide are the same: loneli- ness,poverty,injustice and lack of opportunities and choices in a world that has burnt its bridges with the past.

Nomin Lkhagvasuren is a Mongolian journalist who has worked for local and international publications and news services.She is an ardent advoca- te for press freedom and human rights and serves with the United Nations as communications consultant. The Wheel is Nomin’s debut in documen- tary filmmaking.

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