Concorso Internazionale / international competition


di Alexis Jacquand (Francia, 2021, 59’)
Official Selection - Visions du Réel 2021, Nyon | ANTEPRIMA ITALIANA

Bow in hand, an old hunter tracks chamois, deer and wild boar. Not far off, children explore a forest, build a cabin, and try to scare each other about encounters with wild animals. Both magical and burlesque, To This Buried Place draws us down to the very roots of wonder itself.

Alexis Jacquand was born in 1984 and lives and works in Geneva and Lyon. He graduated from the Regional School of Fine Arts of Valence and the Documentary School of Lussas. In 2013, he directed his first feature film, “Sous Nos Pas” which had its screen debut at Visions du Réel and at Cinéma Verité,Teheran.

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