GRAND PRIX DES FESTIVALS – Conseil de la Vallée

AN ACCIDENTAL LIFE, di Henna Taylor (USA, 2021, 86′)
A story of determination and courage. A tragedy that could block the climb to the success of the protagonist. But which also offers her a new vision of her future and her own, new identity. For the delicacy and attention with which the director tackles this delicate story, the award goes to An Accidental Life.
Special Mention to:
THE LAST MOUNTAIN: The Story of Tom Ballard di Chris Terrill (UK, 2021, 100′.)
With current images and an extensive archive, the director introduces the viewer into the privacy of a Ballard-Hargreaves family. Thoughtful and raw, it explores, without concessions, the very nature of mourning.

THE MOUNTAINS di Christian Einshøj (Danimarca, 2023, 89m) 
A story of fathers and sons. Of a broken family that rediscovers its ties through amateur filming and old forgotten photos. A tragedy that seemed to have forever broken the relationship between the protagonists. That the camera follows with delicacy and mastery. For the director’s ability to weave a narrative plot capable of reuniting a family, the award goes to The Mountains.
Special Mention to:
MOUNTAIN MAN, di Arun Bhattarai (Bhutan, 2022, 22’) 
For the simplicity and stylistic purity with which the director, in his debut feature, manages to tell the story of a man willing to give up everything to protect and defend his mountain.

CARNE ET OSSA, di Roberto Zazzara (Italy, 2022, 56m)
Straordinario come un documento antropologico e avvincente come un film d’avventura.
Le mille voci di una chiamata, tra arcaica sacralità, coraggio e resistenza al dolore, che mette alla prova i piedi e l’appartenenza di un’intera comunità.
Un piccolo villaggio d’Abruzzo di cui, grazie a questo film, non dimenticherai più il nome.

EGOLAND, di Ignasi López Fàbregas (Spagna, 2022, 20m)
A meticulous work of stop-motion animation that with fine irony and appropriate music shows the ego in the world of mountaineering.
Special Mention to:
FOOTSTEPS, di Manu Delago (Austria-Italy, 2022, 18m)
Although in the short time of a short film, the film manages to give a perfect balance between narrative power, sharpness of the image that brings us back to the purity of the mountain and perfect musical sounds. For this reason, the special mention goes to Footsteps.


NÁTTÚRUBÖND, di Sven Peetoom, Gríma Irmudóttir, Jonathan Damborg (Islanda, 2023, 18′)


Un invito alla meditazione e all’ascolto. Al ritorno nei luoghi della durata.
Essenziale, cristallina sintesi di pensiero e bellezza naturale. Meraviglia e fragilità. Il corpo della terra è il nostro corpo. Anche la cinepresa ha pelle e cuore. E che occhio!