Concorso Internazionale / international competition


di Hervé Barmasse, Alessandro Beltrame (Italia, 2021, 34’)
Official Selection – Trento Film Festival 2021

The Matterhorn is one of the world’s most beautiful and yet arduous peaks. Mountain guide and communicator par excellence, Hervé Barmasse is well aware of this allure, as we follow him up the Italian route onto the Lion Ridge, considered one of the Alps’ most outstanding ascents. With him, we retrace step by step this famous itinerary while discussing the enterprising mountain characters who have gone before, and tackle some of the most challenging stretches to finally arrive at the summit.

Hervé Barmasse is a professional mountain climber and director of the fol- lowing films:“Linea Continua”(Audience prize,Trento Film Festival 2012) and “Non cosí lontano” (Audience prize, Cervino CineMountain 2012). He is the author of “La Montagna dentro” published by Laterza.

Alessandro Beltrame has over two hundred national and international pro- ductions to his name with a focus on mountaineering documentaries. He was part of the 28th official Italian expedition to the Antarctic.

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