Concorso Internazionale / international competition


di Elena Goatelli e Angel Esteban (Italia, 2021, 70’)
Official Selection – Trento Film Festival Official Selection – Zakopane Film Festival

Having competed all her life and claimed every prize there was, Angelika Rainer decides to step back from the competitive life and start off on a personal journey to rediscover herself, her relationship with the past and her bond with nature. Face to face with some of the most difficult rock and ice walls in the world, the climber takes time to look back on her career in a moment of self-reflection, but she is also in search of new stimuli and new climbing routes that will lead to greater freedom.

Elena Goatelli is a film and documentary maker with 15 years of internatio- nal experience to her credit.Among her films are“One minute for conduc- tors” (Official Selection, IDFA 2013), which she co-directed with her partner Angel Esteban,“Tom” (CAI Award, Cervino CineMountain 2016) and “Auspi- cio”(Special Mention,Autrans Mountain Film Festival 2019).

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