These days, given that time seems to move in slow waves and spaces have suddenly shrunk, what does the world of mountains represent?
We know that in the mountains where contempla- tive silence reigns, the passing of time can find so much space that it slows to the point of expansion; then suddenly some lightning event can happen and all that matters is quick thinking, immediate action and vertiginous speed. As the concept of time-space goes, mountains are unique. They are synonymous with vertical angles like that last steep climb to the summit and at the same time they are emblematic of wide and open horizons such as that 360° panorama that lies beneath us once we are at the mountain top. Over this last silent winter, mountains have become an unmistakeable symbol of resilience: they wait solemnly, keeping guard over their treasures. Summer, the season of sun is here and with it comes a brighter general outlook and these mountains are waiting to welcome all those who want to return here or discover these places afresh.CervinoCinemountain is back for the second summer of this strange episode the world has been experiencing. Even in winter we have drawn on our resilience and put all our hope and belief into pre- paring for this 24th festival edition. We were able to make this happen thanks to the support of bodies such as the Municipal Office of Valtournenche, the Regional Ministry of Tourism and the President of the Autonomous Regional Council of Aosta Valley, the MiBACT organisation and the CRT foundation who

have all shown enormous support as have our other partners Montura, Grivel and the Municipal Offices of both Chamois and Magdeleine – all dedicated to helping the festival have as wide a base as possi- ble.We welcome the chance to thank all the above because in these times,teamwork is more important than ever before. We discovered that the world of film has also been extremely active when we recei- ved more than 400 submissions, so we want to offer up our praise for directors and producers everywhe- re who remained dedicated to their field of work. And this year we have double the satisfaction – for the record number of festival entrants and for the many films that will be screened in the presence of their own writers or directors. CervinoCineMountain 2021 will therefore be a cinematographic festival in the truest sense of the word – a meeting place and a platform for the sharing of a vision. We will have our children’s section for budding young film fans (but open to all), our matinees where we hear about new publications on this topic, our events – many of which have the theme of suspended time, not to mention lots of interviews and debates, live performances and theatrical pieces. So take the time to come and visit this beautiful mountain area, stay awhile and through the window of CervinoCi- nemountain, explore distant mountains, lands, com- munities and lives; it won’t be “temps perdu” but rather “du temps pour vous retrouver”.

Luca Bich
Luisa Montrosset