Concorso Internazionale / international competition


di Henna Taylor (USA, 2020, 22’)
Best “Man and Mountain” Film - Ladek Mountain Festival, Poland Best Sports Film - MountainFilm, Graz ANTEPRIMA ITALIANA

An exploration into grief and its expression through the stories of individuals who have experienced loss or trauma due to climbing or alpinism.The film investigates the paradoxes of grief and the mourning process that climbers, family and friends must undergo. Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell, Lynn Hill and many others speak frankly of the complexities of loss, allowing us insi- ghts into the various ways of coping on a day-to-day basis

and helping us learn how to survive such pain.

Henna Taylor lives in Boulder Colorado where her production company Henna Taylor Films is also based. She has directed films on the world of mountaineering and adventure which have garnered international reco- gnition, such as “The Honeymoon is Over” (2017),“Wadi Rum” (2018),“Hip Hop Gone Wild” (2018) and “Speak to me Softly”.

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