Concorso Internazionale / international competition


Lova J. Karlsson and Théo Yann Audoire (Francia, 2022, 13')
Official Selection - Visions du Réel, Nyon
Short Film Corner - Festival di Cannes

The slow and majestic ballet of an ever-changing urban landscape. In Sweden, the Kiruna iron mine, one of the largest in the world, is devouring the foundations of the city. Some buildings in the city centre are at risk of landslides and must be moved in their entirety, giving life to a fascinating architectural choreography, capable of enchanting us and, at the same time, making us reflect.

Lova Karlsson (1996) graduated from Sint Lukas School of Fine Arts and is currently undertaking a master’s degree in psychology.  Théo Audoire (1996) is a visual artist and filmmaker who graduated from les Beaux-Arts de Paris. “Ovan Gruvan” is their first film.

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