Hervé Barmasse

Hervé Barmasse is a mountaineer and mountain film director (“Non
così lontano”, “Linea continua”), as well as a mountain guide of the
Matterhorn for four generations. His name is linked to major ascents
around the world, from the Alps to Patagonia, from China to Pakistan.
Hervé has left his marks incisively on his home mountain, the
Matterhorn, from opening new paths to first winter ascents and first
solos, and has become the mountaineer with the most exploits.
Recently he was the protagonist of an extraordinary ascent in the
Himalayas, climbing the South Face of Shisha Pangma (8027 m) in
alpine style in just 13 hours.
“La montagna dentro” (The mountain inside) published by Laterza, is
his first literary work (May 2015), a book in which the climber comes
after the man who also faces extraordinary feats.


Anne Farrer

Anne Farrer is now director of the Autrans International Mountain
Film Festival in France, a position she has held since 2013. This
festival, which is preparing for its 34th edition, is dedicated to
mountain culture in its entirety, through the screening of films of all
genres, but also numerous related events. Before devoting herself
to this festival, Anne worked for many years on fiction film shoots,
mainly as a location manager. Always motivated by a real passion
for documentary films in particular, and the desire to work for their
diffusion, she also directed few documentary projects. She practices
mountaineering moderately, but is rather attached to this natural
environment as a place of life and natural space to be protected.


Claudio Sabelli Fioretti

Claudio Sabelli Fioretti born in Vetralla in 1944; after attending the
classical lyceum, he joined the faculty of Political Science which he
abandoned to devote himself to journalism. In 1968 he starts to
work for Panorama. His professional career led him to direct Panorama
Mese, Sette, Cuore and Gente Viaggi. He worked also for Repubblica,
Tempo Illustrato, Europeo and Secolo XIX, Corriere della Sera,
and La Stampa. Currently, he is a contributor of Fatto Quotidiano.
He wrote many books, to name a few: “Spadolini, il potere della volontà”,
“C’era una volta la provincia”, “Dimmi, Dammi, Fammi”, “La
mia vita è come un blog” and “A piedi”, co-written by Giorgio Lauro.
Since 2008 he has been presenting the show “Un giorno da pecora”
with Giorgio Lauro on Radio 2 Rai. In 2016 he produced and conducted,
together with Claudio di Biagio and Federico Bernocchi, a radio
show about intergenerational conflicts, “Me Anziano You Tubers”.


Laila Pakalnina

1991 graduated from the Moscow Film Institute (VGIK), Department
of Film Direction.
Director and scriptwriter of 28 documentaries, 5 shorts, 5 fiction
features. So she has 38 films, 2 children, 1 husband, 1 dog, 2
bicycles. And many ideas for new films.
Her films were screened in official programmes of Cannes IFF, Venice
IFF, Berlin IFF, Locarno IFF, Karlovy Vary IFF, Rome IFF etc. Her films
were awarded in many international film festivals

Documentaries: Dream (Sapnis) 2016, Waterfall (Rumba) 2016, Hi,
Rasma! (Čau, Rasma!) 2015 / Short Film about Life (Īsfilma par dzīvi)
2014 / Hotel and a Ball (Viesnīca un bumba) 2014 / The Chimney
(Skurstenis) 2013 / Forty Two (Četrdesmit divi) 2013 / Snow Crazy
(Sniegs) 2012 / 33 Animals of Santa Claus (33 zvēri Ziemassvētki
vecītim) 2011 / On Rubiks’ Road (Pa Rubika ceļu) 2010 / Three Men
and Fish Pond (Par dzimtenīti) 2008 / Theodore (Teodors) 2006 /
Dream Land (Leiputrija) 2004 / The Bus (Autobuss) 2004 / It’ll Be
Fine (Būs labi) 2004 / Martins (Mārtiņš) 2002 / Papa Gena (Papa
Gena) 2001 / Wake up (Mostieties) 2000 / The Oak (Ozols) 1997 /
Ubans (Ubāns) 1995 / The Mail (Pasts) 1995 / The Ferry (Prāmis)
1994 / The Church (Baznīca)1993 / The Pilgrimage (Iešana) 1991 /
The Linen (Veļa)1991 / The Dome (Doms) 1991 / The Choice (Izvēle)
1990 / And (Un) 1988
Fiction Features: Ausma (Dawn) 2015/ Pizzas (Picas) 2012 / The Hostage
(Ķīlnieks) 2006 / The Python (Pitons) 2003 / The Shoe (Kurpe)
Fiction Shorts: Silence / (Klusums) 2009 / Stones (Akmeņi) 2008 /
Fire (Uguns,) 2007 / Water (Ūdens) 2006 / Anna’s Christmas (Annas
Ziemassvētki) 1992