Jane Alexander, Filippo Facci, Alessandro Gogna, Giovanna Mongilardi, Andrea Perrod, Roberto Rossi e Vincenzo Torti, conduce Enrico Martinet (La Stampa)


How difficult it is to show mountaineering on TV. And it’s especially difficult at peak time with a game that involves teams competing to reach the summit of the highest peak in Europe. Attention focused on RAI TV programme “Monte Bianco – Sfida verticale”, conducted by Caterina Balivo and supported by the mountaineer Simone Moro, but this was not just a TV controversy. A divide appeared in the climbing world. The programme broadcast on RAI2 was not a great success, however, despite audience share gradually waning, many reporters claimed that it was “a positive boost” for the mountain world. Others sustained that it was “ a damaging example”. During the show Simone Moro himself frequently pointed out that mountaineering must not be construed as a challenge between teams. In spite of making these distinctions and considerations, Simone Moro was fiercely attacked. Now that a year has passed and the waters have calmed, Cervino CineMountain would like to create a round table where this debate can be reopened. In this way, an interpretation may be found that attempts to provide an answer to the many doubts surrounding how best to pre- sent the mountain world on TV. Besides RAI TV’s dramatized account of the Italian K2 expedition being a flop, this game formula also failed to produce the desired result: to achieve success by telling a mountain tale.


Jane Alexander

Was born in England but relocated to Rome as a child. She began her career as a voice over actor and model, going on to become an actor and TV presenter (L’Uomo delle Stelle by Giuseppe Tornatore, Prendimi l’Anima by Roberto Faenza; her best knownTV series include Elisa di Rivombrosa, La Freccia Nera, Il Commissario Manara, and as a presenter Mistero, Call Game Zengi, Volo in Diretta, Il Mattino Dopo). In 2012 she presented the summer edition of Onda (La7) and has starred in count- less TV programmes. She took part in “Monte Bianco Sfida Verticale”, partnered with alpine guide Roberto Rossi and came third overall after being eliminated in the semi-final.


Filippo Facci

is a journalist and writer, currently columnist for Libero and has collaborated with the most important Italian newspapers (Repubblica, L’Avanti, Il Riformista, Il Foglio, Il Giornale); his books include Uomini che Amano Troppo, Misteri per Orchestra, Di Pietro la storia vera, Note di Note, parole per raccontare la musica di un ipocondriaco di talento. In 2012 he presented In onda estate (LA7) alongside Natascha Lusenti .

He took part in “Monte Bianco Sfida Verticale” forming a team with the Andrea Perrod. They came second in the competition to reach the summit of Mont Blanc behind the roped team composed of Gianluca Zambrotta and Giovanna Mongilardi.


Alessandro Gogna

is an alpine guide, mountaineering historian, writer (Grandes Jorasses Sperone Walker Un alpinismo di ricerca, Cento nuovi mattini, Mezzogiorno di pietra, Rock Story, Dolomiti e calcari di Nord-est, La Pietra dei Sogni) and world famous mountaineer. His climbs include a first ascent of Naso di Z’mutt on the Matterhorn (1969), the south wall of the Cassin spur to Pointe Walker on Grandes Jorasses (1968). He founded and is presently the guarantor of Mountain Wilderness.


Giovanna Mongilardi

was a trainee mountain guide in 2006 and alpine guide for Grand Paradise Guide Society in 2009. She graduated from Turin Polytechnic in 2000 as a chemical engineer. Her “thirst” for the mountains has taken her to sports climbing meccas such as: Kalymnos, Sardinia, Verdon, Buoux, but also to scale the highest and most enchanting peaks of the Alps via the classic routes, besides a number of climbs in Peru and in northern India. As part of a roped team with Gianluca Zambrotta she won “Monte Bianco Sfida Verticale”, reaching the summit of the roof of Europe.


Andrea Perrod

has an innate passion for the mountains where he was born and has spent most of his time since childhood. In 1989 he became a trainee guide, qualifying as a UIAGM guide in 1992 under the Alpine Guide Society of La Thuile. Since 1989 he has been a member of the Valle d’Aosta Alpine Rescue Team. He is also a helicopter rescue technician and in charge of La Thuile Alpine Rescue Centre. He took part in “Monte Bianco Sfida Verticale”, forming a team with Filippo Facci.


Roberto Rossi

has a degree in biology and a master’s in environmental technologies. In 2003 he left Turin and settled in Cervinia where he qualified as an alpine guide in 2007. His father Arrigo Rossi transmitted this passion for the mountains to him. Besides his love of classic mountaineering, he also enjoys rock climbing, freeriding and extreme skiing. He has travelled worldwide, scaling the highest peaks in Nepal, Tibet, Morocco, Bolivia, Ecuador and Patagonia.


Vincenzo Torti

has been President of CAI (Italian Alpine Club) since 2016. He is a qualified lawyer, born in 1950 and a member of the Giussano branch of CAI since 1952, acting as president for three terms. He was on the National CAI Board of Directors from 2005 to 2009 and Vice-President from 2009 to 2015. This passion for the mountains has merged with his professional skills and accompanied him throughout his life: at birth his grandfather, then President of the Giussano CAI branch, placed a pair of climbing shoes and a CAI membership card in his cot.

31 LUGLIO 2016