Concorso Internazionale / international competition


di Michelangelo Buffa (Italia, 2019, 21’)

“This video, kind of like all my others, takes no notice of the viewer.The video offers a solid block of reality that has not been carved into pieces.This is how I allow the natural flux of things and the act of recording to tap into the same identity just as with “narrative” continuity and chance. The spectator experiences the action while it unfolds, the eye of the spectator is the eye of the video camera lens.The ending is never foretold, it just occurs.” Miche- langelo Buffa.

Michelangelo Buffa (Brusson, 1948) is difficult to pigeonhole. Cinephile, cri- tic, cinematographer, teacher, documentary maker and above all “filmeur” (as he likes to define himself). In the mix since the 60s, Michelangelo has firmly propounded his vision of film: founded on absolute freedom, wary of convention and with an all-consuming dedication to the experimental.

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